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FPSO - Drill Ship

Punjtan Energy can supply your with FPSO for offshore production facilities that house both processing equipment and storage for produced hydrocarbons. The basic design of most FPSOs encompasses a ship-shaped vessel, with processing equipment, or topsides, aboard the vessel's deck and hydrocarbon storage below in the double hull. After processing, an FPSO stores oil or gas before offloading periodically to shuttle tankers or transmitting processed petroleum via pipelines.


The processing equipment aboard the FPSO is similar to what would be found atop a production platform. Usually built in modules, FPSO production equipment can consist of water separation, gas treatment, oil processing, water injection and gas compression, among others. Hydrocarbons are then transferred to the vessel's double-hull for storage.


Crude oil that is stored onboard is frequently transferred to shuttle tankers or ocean barges going ashore, via a loading hose. Loading oil from the stern of the FPSO to the bow of the shuttle tanker is known as tandem loading. While gas is many times transferred to shore via pipeline or re-injected into the field to boost production.









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Capaciity for Crude                        Vessel Length                                    Depth Moulded                           Accomodation                                       Deck Area

                          75,000 bpd                                  241.77 meters                                        42 meters                                   96 persons                                            7,985 m

                          100,000 bpd                                345.22 meters                                        31.00 meters                            100 persons