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The company is committed to providing a harassment free working environment. The company expects all employees and business partners to show one another equal respect and due consideration.


Equal Opportunities  

Punjtan Energy is an equal opportunity employer and does not willfully discriminate against employees and applicants for employment based on race, color, sex, age, religion or national origin. There is zero tolerance for racism at Punjtan Energy.



The Company will not permit harassment on the basis of race, sex, color, age religion, national origin, disability status in any form.


Open Communications

The Company encourages open communication with employees and do not tolerate retaliation in any form in response to reports made in good faith. Retaliation includes actions such as firing, demoting or transferring someone, as well as avoiding or excluding the person from professional activities.


Violence In The Workplace / No Fire Arm Allowed

The company prohibits all violence, whether implied or actual, against coworkers, visitors or anyone on our assets and premises, or in contact with our employees. Any member of staff found to have used violence may be subject to disciplinary action or instant termination. Punjtan Energy does NOT permit and prohibit the carrying of any fire arms (licensed or not) or knives by any employee or visitor on the Punjtan Energy premises.

Drug/Alcohol Abuse

The company is committed to provide a safe and efficient working environment for its workforce. Therefore, anyone under the influence of drugs (including prescription medication) and alcohol are prohibited from working company equipment or engaging in company business. Any member of staff found to be under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol may be subject to disciplinary action or instant termination.